Like the sun sets, And the sky becomes dark, My eyes close and darkness engulfs my mind, But unlike stars that rise To cover the sun's absence, No stars appear in the darkness of my mind.   Like the ocean, Which kicks to form subtle waves. I too kick myself, To remove frustration. But alas,... Continue Reading →


My Heart.

It's not much, but its something as they always say, Something is better than nothing I don't mind if you don't want it but please don't misuse it. I will not give you all of it, but I'm sure its enough, enough to fill a jar that was emptied out by pain and regret.

The Little Girl

Soft spoken words were she, made of colors from the sky and sea. Stars could never match, the shine her eyes could catch. With tiny limbs and gigantic dreams, she would walk about giving smiles with glee. Even though she was born in adversity, she had a mind that was filled with clarity. Clouds and... Continue Reading →


I want to reach over the screaming, The words dripping with hostility, I want to reach over into the big blue sky, Even though it may seem presumptuous of me to do so, I have no other choice. I am not giving myself another choice, Other than to fly, To fly high above into the... Continue Reading →

Tibetan kitchens and the sea

Hunger calls out, And i want to run, Run to the Tibetans, But the sea i see, When i come out through the Narrow path calms me, Hunger calls out once more, But now i walk, Walk to the Tibetans, To their holy music and yellow and red and green. The foreigners look bored but... Continue Reading →


Shrouded in darkness, Blinded by obligations, Rooted in pity. I want redemption. I want freedom. But it is not to be, It will never be. Happiness comes in splotches of grey and white. But it is not enough, It is never enough, To fill this abyss i am falling into.


It swirls like a whirlpool in your mind, It rains down from clouds owned by gods of pleasure, It leaps from the canyon to touch you in adulation, It's eyes full of enchantment, as he or she walks by you

A tiny terrible tale

You met each other on the bus. A simple kiss leading to sin. Now he worships your lips, palms, belly and feet.   And a thousand miles away, your boyfriend says, "Happy birthday sweetheart. I love you"

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