A Place.

I want to travel to a place.

A place where wind blows like a lover’s kiss;

soft and sweet.

A place where laughter  flows like the river,

strong and hearty.

A place where magic exists,

In our eyes and our minds.

A place where love is unconditional.

A place where song and dance never tire from the nomad’s lips and body.

A place where the soul calls for peace,

and it comes.

A place where eyes flutter to grasp the light that shines through

flitting leaves.

A place where coffee mugs fill the cupboards from years of memories.

A place where bookshelves overflow with the amount of words they carry.

A place where talk is not crude and never without enchantment.

A place where we can look up into the night sky,

and see the glory of our past mixed with the present.

where we can see,

The song sung by angels to form constellations of wonder.

Where we can see the galaxies twisted with our destiny,

A place where we can become who we are meant to be.



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