That feeling you get once you finish a good book, a book that became a part of your life, your flow of thought, and the moment, once you turn the final page and read the last sentence, the last word. That feeling is ethereal.

The same feeling we get when we finish a TV series that we gave so much of our time and attention to. A TV series that made us feel happy and excited, made us feel anticipation in so many ways, that feeling once we finish it is also ethereal.

This feeling can be perceived in so many other instances….SO MANY, it’s hard, no it’s impossible to count.

When we finish a good meal,

A good cool drink in the hot summer breeze,

When we find a place to sit down after walking for so long,

Or after you finish a race and realize that you have won, and the others also realize that feeling because they may not have won but they have experienced the glorious feeling of finishing the race, of running past the finish line rather than giving up in the middle.

This feeling is felt in instances so pure and beautiful, it’s ethereal. And those who can recognize these moments and see them are truly blessed.

Because these moments are moments when we feel true happiness and freedom.

This ethereal feeling is our moment of entering the kingdom of happiness.

and when that moment is over, when the gates close, the after effects of this feeling is transcending, because it makes us feel that we want to experience that moment once more,

that we look for every opportunity to grasp that feeling, that we fight for it.

So i’m saying, this moment, this feeling is what makes us good, so please always search for that moment, that instance that can make you feel this ethereal light, and also never hesitate to shine it upon others.


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