A notion of nature

All I want to do is cry.  With this yellow sky above And green earth below, And the blue in between. I see the red tree trunks and I want to hug them, Let their dust fall on me. As I am dust itself,  it does not matter. Now the sky turns pink, And tiny... Continue Reading →



Under the shade of a thousand leaves.  Laying in the coolness Of the wind and breeze, I lay still With a mind of peace

Orion East

As traffic trickles  Into the night. And Bryan Adam sings his heart out Over old speakersAnd strings on a guitar are tuned To perfection And quiet peace settles

A night in January

Men were smoking.  One man leaned against a car,  comfortably or not. Right next,  children bought fruit for 20 rs. The fruit seller refused first but after the persuasive words and smiles adorned with crooked teeth,  the fruit seller obliged Gave them two bananas . Even though small,  the two boys happily took them and... Continue Reading →

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