A revelation

I feel a valid emptiness. It completes me. I do not know why it is there, But I acknowledge it and It acknowledges me. I say hello and it echo's back with several others. It never hurt me, Just stayed there. Reminding myself that it is there to show me,  Teach me of things that... Continue Reading →



It hurts.  It spreads like a current throughout  A sub-station. It feels like an overload of power I do not want. I don't want to be a superhero How could I be? When I can't save myself. I want this feeling to diffuse. This circuit cut and fused. So no more pain travels across my... Continue Reading →

A non-existent feeling.

Happiness in life lasts only for a few seconds. Birthdays. Meeting good people. Talking to good people. Sleeping peacefully. Buying something you love. Eating your favorite food. It only lasts moments.  Seconds to be exact. It doesn't even matter after a while, everything blurs into a whole corelated nothing.  Once you reach a point like... Continue Reading →

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