A revelation

I feel a valid emptiness.

It completes me.

I do not know why it is there,

But I acknowledge it and

It acknowledges me.

I say hello and it echo’s back with several others.

It never hurt me,

Just stayed there.

Reminding myself that it is there to show me, 

Teach me of things that do not make me feel empty.

The sadness completes me and as such,

I am it’s student.

Learning strength and compassion with each pang.

With each breathless whisper,

I learn of love and loneliness.

Of kindness and equity.

Sadness is my teacher and I am one of its many, many students.
This emptiness will never go away, 

I know.

I hope it doesn’t, sometimes I do.

But I know I’ll find my way back to it.

I will acknowledge it again,

And I will learn one more secret of life.

I trust this void and it trusts me.

And if Van Gogh’s last words had any truth,

This sadness will last forever.


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