Please Listen..

When will your anger end? How many people does it take for you to realise, That those hands are not for mending others, They are there to mend yourself.


Silence II

I wonder if your voice travels through walls, I wonder if the neighbours can hear your screams everyday, I wonder if they think about my wellbeing. I'm sure the whole building does. Because no matter how many doors i close, how many windows i shut, how many rooms i lock myself in, how loud i... Continue Reading →


Silence is what i crave the most, when you're here. When you are not, i crave the warmth of your presence, the homely feeling you bring to this house. but then the day before you arrive, I remember that voice, that dreadful voice of yours and I regret ever wishing you'd be back sooner.

Where am I ?

Lost is a figurative word for my existence. I am beyond that, Lost is subjective to my vision across this universe, Across parallel universes even. A continuum of confusion, isolation and regret. A visage, an imagery of a lone girl without flowers in her head or screws joining her limbs. A mask of red and... Continue Reading →

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