People pass me by And I stare at their reflection.


meeting their eyes,

Is too close like breath.

We sit next to each other anyway

But you have no fear,

To look me in the eye

And make me gulp my own discomfort,

Until I look at you back and ask why?

You smirk and turn your head,


I turn back and ask your reflection now,

Again why?

Light blows into the compartment.

No tunnels now, No more reflection.

I look at the glass buildings,

Some sort of consolidation.

It is nigh and we are both still here.

Travelling to some distance,

A station we’ll never reach,

Maybe we don’t want to.

This time I stare at your face

But you look at my reflection,

And I stare at myself until I dissipate

And leave you,

For the tunnels.

I like being alone I guess.

Reflections are safer.


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