Broken Space.

Cold as the sun,
Seen through dead eyes
Into the space of stars,
And rolling planets.

But I see you.
Far and clear,
Bright and furious,
My moon hides you when you want to sleep,
From weary eyes,
And the lenghty hands of greenish waste.

I see you,
Sobbing, reality shakes.
The universe tilts and
I fall down.

Picking up the petals left,
From the soles of your feet,
Follow the trail of the weeping willow,
Tainted with dimming stardust.

Tinkerbell couldn’t find you, but I did.

My moon hides you again,
But you are the sun,
And you tell me it’s alright.

I sit next to you,
And night falls,
If there is a night in this place,
I say,
Lean into my moon light,
Soak in the silver-ish silence,
And grow farther,
And modesty into your
natural light.

For you are the sun,
And I am the moon,
If there need be an eclipse of emotions,
I will hide you from what the world does not deserve to see.

// For Reenad Shaik, the companion //


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