People pass me by And I stare at their reflection. Because meeting their eyes, Is too close like breath. We sit next to each other anyway But you have no fear, To look me in the eye And make me gulp my own discomfort, Until I look at you back and ask why? You smirk... Continue Reading →



Soon the morning will come, And this will all be a dream. A lightning thought, In a floating sea. Once held in our palms, Softer than dandelion seeds. A moment so pure, Of crushed rose petals and flowing streams. Red staining white linen and, Washed down the silken weaves. But melancholy sings into the elegant... Continue Reading →

What to do.

There are times when I'm so sad. When I'm so sad, anxiety feels like a normal emotion. When I'm so sad, crying isn't a consoling emotion anymore. Because I'm fucking sad. I'm sad I'm doing this to myself. I've failed at making myself happy. So I lay down and stare at blue and green pillows... Continue Reading →


I want to swim And disappear. Into the blue depths, Reflecting light until black ink creeps, In through the shadows, And paint my arms and my body. Until the fish living in the mermaid caves, Come out to greet and say they're here for me, And show me how when I go near the undertow,... Continue Reading →

You and I, too.

It's so hard. to live in a world where your heart is hopeful, where you believe that love and understanding persists. where a person can live with human virtues and sleep on a soft pillow, no dreams can interrupt their sleep, good or bad. There exists no world where people are aware of themselves, their... Continue Reading →


The house is always so silent, With just the two of us, The neighbors must sleep peacefully. You're in the kitchen, Pots and pans clattering, While I stare at a book, Visualizing myself between those sentences. I smell prawns, fish, and rice. I smell typical malayali dinner. I wouldn't have it any other way. A... Continue Reading →

Please Listen..

When will your anger end? How many people does it take for you to realise, That those hands are not for mending others, They are there to mend yourself.

Silence II

I wonder if your voice travels through walls, I wonder if the neighbours can hear your screams everyday, I wonder if they think about my wellbeing. I'm sure the whole building does. Because no matter how many doors i close, how many windows i shut, how many rooms i lock myself in, how loud i... Continue Reading →

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