Frantic Hope

My heart feels really heavy at times. And I go through all our pictures, Starting from the first day we went out, To our last outing. To me texting you "goodbye, have a safe flight" To me frantically texting you, "where are you? Are you okay?" To the times I've said "you are me and... Continue Reading →



I feel like writing something for myself So I'm going to write something for myself. Hopefully not too angsty this time.. Whispers, A lie. One thing I tell myself often, "It's okay, you don't need anyone in your life, You're good to go" And the thing is, That's another lie Aha I have never fallen... Continue Reading →

A friend.

I am my greatest friend.... I need to be my greatest friend. Listening to the dawn And song of snow Soft voices I tell myself, I need love. I am love. Poor moonchild, Turned to ice, Left herself And sat on the snow capes Freezing herself until Frostbite bit at her heart. I need to... Continue Reading →


It was tiredness seeping into my bones And It was tiredness covering my skin And It was tiredness flowing through my blood And It was tiredness keeping my eyes open. I am winter child, Cold and open. Winter breeze passing through your fingers Making them numb And painful. I am the fall leaves, Frozen. Icicles... Continue Reading →

Be still, my heart.

There are times when my heart feels so heavy, like it is being held down, in my chest to my chest, bleeding, hooked into my lungs, by silken silver chains. There are times when my heart feels heavy, inside my chest, Laden with black metal, and Closed without a key, The handle metal rusting, Decaying,... Continue Reading →

사랑 (Love)

I know what it feels, To be broken hearted. Without ever falling, In love. Romantics aside, I know what it feels like To fall apart Bit by bit Dripping, breaking off. This tightening in my chest is something. I can't control, But lies through it teeth, giving me false promises about leaving. I can feel... Continue Reading →


I am starving myself, And my skin is dry and itchy. The thick blankets Black and hairy Warm, a protector. My mother would bundle me in them, And I would complain As a child would, Of uncomfortableness. Mom, I am that child again. Complaining, But this time, It's not the blankets. It's me. I'm thick... Continue Reading →


You are my sunshine, At times. And I dare not say I love you. You are my moon child So alone, A black Pearl in this ocean of defiance, A pearlescent plum. I dare not say I love you, Because I am afraid, You'll discover who I am. You'll discover all the bubbles and pop... Continue Reading →

Broken Space.

Cold as the sun, Seen through dead eyes Into the space of stars, And rolling planets. But I see you. Far and clear, Bright and furious, My moon hides you when you want to sleep, From weary eyes, And the lenghty hands of greenish waste. I see you, Sobbing, reality shakes. The universe tilts and... Continue Reading →

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